Juiced Riders

Industry Leading Battery Range

Experience Range Relaxation.

Say goodbye to range anxiety thanks to the standard 48 Volt, 15 Amp-hour battery. The benchmark is set for e-bike range and power. The new pack is equivalent to a 36V, 20Ah battery, which is nearly twice the size found on most e-bikes and 11% larger than the previous ODK. The 720 watt-hour Lithium battery can deliver over 40 miles on a single charge even without pedaling. A recharge takes between 1 and 6 hours using a normal outlet and cost less than 15 cents of electricity per charge.

Freedom of Control

Twist the throttle to accelerate. Use the cruise control on the longer journeys. You have the option to pedal along and extend the range past 40 miles on less than 15 cents worth of electricity.

The “memory effect” free 48 Volt, 15 Amp-hour Lithium battery plugs into a normal outlet. This pack sets the standard for useful e-bike range.

For more information visit are websie:http://www.juicedriders.com/

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